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Sugar Free Summer Part 2

Sugar Free Summer Part 2

I must start by saying " I have been Sugar-Free for over two months!!!" I have been to a wedding, bridal shower and numerous birthday parties and had no cake! I am pretty damn proud of that!! If you want a little background of why, please read Summer Free Summer Part 1!


Did the Arbonne detox (July 10- August 8). This a 30-day program where you eliminate common allergens and non-healthy ingredients. The main ones on the list are Wheat/gluten, Dairy, Refined sugar, Alcohol, Soy, and Corn. As you may recall, I gave up gluten at the being of summer along with sugar. As far as I know, I don't have a gluten sensitivity but I know I was eating way too much wheat and gluten products. They add it to a lot of things as a filler and no one's body needs a lot of it. I know you have heard that we are the only mammal to drink another mammal's milk. Why? Protein and Calcium? There are plenty of other places to get it! Refined sugar is normally listed as the terms sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltose dextrose, lactose, high fructose corn syrup, molasses, honey, evaporated cane juice, fruit juice concentrates, cane crystals, or corn sweetener. These are the sugars I have been avoiding all summer. Your body doesn't need or want them. Alcohol can be tough to give up especially at parties and social gatherings and I will be honest and say I did drink at the wedding but I didn't drink at every social occasion and you know what... I still had fun! Soy and Corn at first glance may not seem like bad ingredients but most of the soy and corn we consume is filled with GMOs! It's the most produced crops our country makes because it's cheap and can be added to everything as a filler. Don't think you are eating it? Check your labels! The kids wanted some cookies with a cartoon character on the box and I checked the ingredients and high fructose corn syrup and soy lecithin were top of the ticket! Needless to say, I did not buy those cookies!

Why I did the Arbonne Detox

1. To lose weight and inches- Honestly, this is my number one motivator for all my health and fitness goals. And, it worked! I lost 8.4 pounds and 6 inches!

2. To make my family healthier- My husband and kids are not sugar-free and they didn't detox but guess who does the shopping and most of the cooking- Mama! I only cooked detox friendly meals and I didn't buy anything with more than 9 grams of sugar. The only dessert in the house was fruit popsicles or actual fruit with (non-GMO) whipped cream. I said no most of the time to extra snacks and treats when we when out but always let them enjoy the birthday party and vacation food!

3. I did it before and knew it worked- This is my 3rd detox in a year and the first 2; I lost 10 and 11 pounds but I gain it back each time because I didn't change my lifestyle after.


I am doing an 80/20 lifestyle. 80% of the time I eat detox friendly and 20% I eat everything expect refined sugars. I had planned to do the reintegration period for 24 days after. I always skipped the reintegration period where you gradually bring back foods into your diet that you eliminated to see if a certain food is having a negative effect on you. Since I have done this before I know that I don't have any sensitivities. I decided I am not bringing any of them back into my daily life. At least until I reach my goal weight. I have made my 20% of the time very specific. Normally, it will be Friday at 3 pm until Saturday at midnight. Some weeks the days will change but the hours will not. I didn't want to let myself spread it throughout the week because I need it to be clear when I am on and when I am off.


I love the Arbonne products and for the last year, I have been telling everyone I know that they should try the detox. My husband and a few friends have done the detox and I happily gave them my consultant's name so they could sign up. Then, the last person I expected finally listened! My mama texted me out of the blue and she was going to do the detox in September. At first, I thought that is amazing. I will coach you through it. Maybe we can get some of your friends to do it so you have company. Let me give with my consultant's info so she can get you going. Then, I thought. Wait...I could be your consultant. Truth be told, I was an Arbonne consultant and tried the detox in August of 2013 when I pregnant. I only lasted 10 days on the detox and I think the pregnancy hormones talked me out of the business. But the reason I did it then and the reason I am doing it now is that I love the products. I use them and I want to share them. 

Why you should the Arbonne Detox

1. To lose weight and inches- Let's not pretend, we are all a little vain. You look better, you feel better, right?! Most Americans have at least 10 pounds to lose and some ( like me) have a lot more. Either way, this is the kick start you need! Maybe you don't have weight to lose but you do have inches to lose to shape your body the way you want it. Cut the sugar and other toxins and you will stop the bloating that is keeping you from your real (ideal) shape!

2. To make your loved ones healthier- Whether it's family or friends, if they love you they will try to eat most of what you are eating. They may leave you and have a candy bar but what I remember seeing is spouses, friends and even co-workers want to support your journey so in turn, they become a little healthier themselves. If you have kids, they can only eat what you give them and once you start reading labels, you will stop giving them crap.

3. Trust me, If I can do, you can do it!- I know the thought of getting up the foods you love and eat every day can be overwhelming but think of the alternative. Obesity, Heart disease, Diabetes, Chronic Pain and the list goes on and on.

Are you ready to make a change? Are you just curious? If so, contact me today or join my Facebook group!! Join my mama the day after Labor Day! It's the perfect time to detox! September is the new January!!!




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