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Sugar Free Summer Part 1

Sugar Free Summer Part 1

On Memorial Day 2017, I gave up sugar. That's me on one day! I hope I look and feel a lot different on Labor Day! I am telling myself it's just until Labor Day but I know it needs to be forever. I am a sugar addict. I abuse sugar the way others abuse drugs or alcohol. I can not have sugar in moderation. One hit and I want it over and over again! I want to feel that original high I got on bite one. Too bad it never feels as good as the first bite so I never stop biting. 


I could go on and on for days about my eating and dieting history and maybe I will in another post but for now I will keep it brief. I have always been an overeater especially when it comes to sugar. It didn't happen in college or when I got pregnant; it's pretty much always been this way. As a kid, I lied about food and took food that wasn't mine just to get more. I have been watching my weight since elementary school and I am well versed in calorie counting, portion control, and macronutrients. I have said for many years that I could teach the class and if you listened to me then you could lose the weight. It's just been hard to follow my own advice. The big thing that I have been missing for many years is that I can't do moderation! It's a great concept if you can do it. I CAN'T. All the other diets I have tried have included treating yourself in moderation. It always fails me because I end up "falling off the wagon".

The first time it ever occurred to me that I was a sugar addict and that I may need to cut sugar out forever was 5 years ago when I went to an overeater's anonymous meeting and they discussed it. I thought, wow, that's me but can I really give up sugar forever? At the time I decided no and went back to weight watchers for the millionth time. 

The second time I really thought about cutting sugar was 3.5 years ago. I tried the Arbonne Detox which eliminates sugar along with many other toxic foods ( gluten, dairy, corn, etc) for 30 days. I lasted 10 days. I was impressed I lasted that long and it showed me I could do more if I wanted. But I still wasn't ready.

The third time I thought about cutting sugar was August of 2016. I did the whole 30 days of the Arbonne detox and I was flying high. Then is was over and I went right back to sugar and feel deep into holiday food and gained all that I lost. MLK day 2017 I started the detox and did amazing for 29 days. Day 30 was Valentine's Day and I lost it with cupcakes, pizza, and chocolate covered strawberries. Again, I lost control and ate my way through Spring. I had lost 10 pounds on that detox and by mid-May, I gained it back plus another 6 pounds. I was so upset that I realized that now is finally the time. It was now or never as they say so I started with no sugar and no gluten on Memorial 2017 and I have not looked back!


For me, sugar-free means minimal added sugar. I don't count sugar from fruit. My favorite treat is cold-pressed watermelon juice mixed with sparkling water (sometimes with vodka)! I look for the lowest sugar count possible but sometimes that still gets you a gram of sugar in your almond butter. I am not sweating that gram of sugar! I have not had any ice cream, candy, cookies, cakes, pies, muffins, pancakes with real syrup or anything with more than 3 grams of sugar in my serving. So that's what sugar-free means to me. I know that may not be your version but it's mine.

I also choose to cut gluten because it makes me more aware of the nutrition labels at the grocery store and when dining out. I don't have a gluten sensitivity but I think we are all eating way more gluten than our bodies need. I also like that I can cheat by eating gluten and still not eat sugar. I think we all like the idea of cheating a little. I mostly cheat and have pizza once a week.


I am starting the Arbonne detox (July 10- August 8) and I plan to do the reintegration period for 24 days after. I always skipped the reintegration period and this time I am determined not to. I think it will be easier since sugar is not even an option. During the reintegration period, you gradually bring back foods into your diet that you eliminated to see if a certain food is having a negative effect on you.

I will be writing at least weekly to discuss my progress! Subscribe below so you don't miss a post! I will be posting daily on social media so make sure you are following "itsfromnicole" on all platforms! Comment below to share your goals and what you are working on to make yourself better!






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